Bruno Gondim Luna

I have a degree in design and I've been working for the Brazilian animation industry for 6 years. During this period I was able to witness the great growth and international recognition of the animation produced in our country.
Most of the projects I participated had a restricted budget, staff or structure. I have always faced this as a challenge to learn and develop new techniques to enable the vision of its creators and directors.

I'm Currently working as an Art Director at Split Studio.

Main Projects:
weeBOOM | Split Studio - Art Director - 2017/2018
Gildo (pilot)| Colala Studio - Art Director - 2017
Turma da Mônica | Split Studio - Art Director - 2016/2017
Sítio do Picapau Amarelo (season 3) | Split Studio - Art Director - 2014/1015
Howdy Harrdy (pilot) | Split Studio - Co Art Director - 2014
Tromba-Trem (season 2) | Copa Studio - Background Artist - 2013/1014
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